Herdocia & Garcia

Is cofounder of the regional alliance: Tax & Labor.

Tax & Labor is an alliance of tax and labor law firms, and accountants firms in Central America, Panama, Dominican Republic and Curacao with the purpose to support the regional businesses of the local client of the member firms.

The idea of Tax & Labor is to provide an integral service, where the client, from his/her country of origin or where their headquarters are located, knows that can count with legal and accountant experts that work with the same standard of quality and results.

We want to avoid the troublesome of search of trustworthy contacts in those countries where clients are planning to operate. When you contact a member of Tax & Labor, you have contact all Central America and Panama, and you have the endorsement of a group of professionals with years of experience, local recognition of our expertise and regional vision, like yours.

Presence in Central America, Mexico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Curacao:

  • More than 200 professionals
  • More than 1000 clients
  • Competitive fees
  • Senior Partners with local recognition and important influence.
  • Experience with corporate clients.

When the corporations sail in the waters of cost reduction and the difficulties regarding the talent retention, two subjects are always present in the negotiations table: taxes and labor regulations.

Taxes, inevitable as death, determine the yes or no for a project. The labor regulations and the protectionist tendencies of our courts raise the price of the human resources and tighten the relations among the workers and the companies.

For that reason, to treat these two subjects altogether is luck of spell against any contingency, the headache of the labyrinth of the labor regulations and the infarct to the myocardium of the risks of being trial by fiscal fraud.

Tax and Labor are two original elements for a perfect chemistry that works to come up and to help companies that work or try to operate at the Central American and Panama level.